GDA Podcast: EP4 — Why Bitcoin Mining is Booming in Texas w/ Lee Bratcher

In the fourth episode of the Future of Bitcoin Mining podcast, our CTO and host Phil Salter speaks to Lee Bratcher, Board Member and President of the Texas Blockchain Association

Topics Discussed: 

  • How Lee made his way into Bitcoin 
  • What the Texas Blockchain Association does 
  • The state of Bitcoin mining in Texas and the three factors impacting the industry today 
  • How politicians in Texas view Bitcoin mining today. 
  • The most common misconceptions Lee hears about Bitcoin mining
  • Why Texas is such a great location for mining bitcoin 
  • Understand how the Texas power grid works and how it’s different from other grids in the US 
  • What the Bitcoin mining industry can do to better engage with politicians and policy makers 
  • How Bitcoin miners can better educate the general public about the value Bitcoin mining brings to local communities 

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