GDA Podcast: EP3 — State of the Bitcoin Mining Market w/ CoinShares Christopher Bendiksen and Matthew Kimmell

In the third episode of the Future of Bitcoin Mining podcast, our CTO and host Phil Salter speaks to Christopher Bendiksen and Matthew Kimmell from the CoinShares research team about the state of the Bitcoin mining market. 


Topics Discussed: 

  • Reflecting on the early days of Bitcoin research 
  • How Christopher and Matthew found their way into Bitcoin 
  • Unpacking the state of Bitcoin Mining 
  • Why today is a challenging time for public Bitcoin Miners 
  • What the “inventory flush” period is all about
  • Bitcoin mining cycles, explained 
  • What people get wrong about the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining 
  • What’s in store for Bitcoin mining in 2023 
  • Predictions for the future of Bitcoin mining will look like 



Matthew’s thread about Bitcoin Mining cycles 

A Closer Look at the Environmental Impact of Bitcoin Mining

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