GDA Podcast: EP2 — Understanding the Trends Shaping the Bitcoin Mining Market w/ Steve Lee

In the second episode of the Future of Bitcoin Mining podcast, Phil speaks to Steve Lee — an experienced Silicon Valley product leader, Angel Investor, and Lead of the Spiral effort at Block

Topics discussed:

  • How decentralized the Bitcoin mining market is today. 
  • The top Bitcoin mining trends Steve is paying attention to. 
  • What Stratum V2 is and why Steve is excited about the value it will bring to the Bitcoin mining ecosystem.
  • Why the communication between pools and miners needs improved security. 
  • What the Bitcoin Clean Energy Initiative is, why Block formed the group, and what their mission is. 
  • How Bitcoin mining can become a catalyst for renewable energy — not just for Bitcoin but for the entire grid. 
  • Why there’s so much confusion about the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining. 
  • Why more ASIC manufacturers coming into the market will be good for the ecosystem as a whole. 
  • How Bitcoin mining will evolve and what’s in store for the future. 
  • Why Steve is long-time bullish on mining Bitcoin at home. 

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