GDA Podcast: EP1 — Understanding the Bitcoin Energy Debate w/ Troy Cross

Episode Summary:

Is Bitcoin mining bad for the environment? Despite the negative media headlines, the answer to that question is complex and highly debated.

To unpack this debate, in our very first episode of the Future of Bitcoin Mining, Phil speaks to Troy Cross, a Professor of Philosophy and Humanities at Reed College and a leading voice in the bitcoin energy debate.

Topics discussed:

  • Troy’s journey into Bitcoin and why it first caught his attention all the way back in 2011.
  • Why Troy started — then stopped mining Bitcoin back in 2011.
  • How Bitcoin mining
  • What most get wrong about the bitcoin energy debate.
  • Unpacking the conversation around the environmental impact of Bitcoin.
  • What energy debate conversations are missing.
  • Why in the future, Bitcoin will be powered almost entirely by renewable energy.
  • Why the argument that Bitcoin is using up all the renewable energy is invalid.

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