We are the most experienced Bitcoin miner in the world.

Industrial-Scale Bitcoin Mining Since 2013.
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No one in the world can mine Bitcoin as efficiently and profitable at scale like we can.

Bitcoin mining is a brutally competitive multi-billion dollar business and most miners fail to ever build a profitable mining operation.

industrial-scale Bitcoin mining farms built from scratch.

Our team has spent the past nine years building, managing, and scaling highly profitable industrial-scale Bitcoin mining facilities.

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of history building industrial scale mining facilities

Our years of industry experience and proprietary technology give us the ultimate competitive advantage. 

miners taken online.

The 2025 Vision for Genesis Digital Assets

Our mission here is to build the world’s largest and most profitable Bitcoin mining operation in the world by 2025.

Because we passionately believe in the benefits that an open source monetary system can bring to the world and know that mining is the backbone that will make this revolution possible.

We’ve been building, managing, and scaling industrial-scale mining operations for nearly a decade. 

It all started in our CEO and co-founder Marco Streng’s dormroom in 2013.  Since then we’ve built over 20 industrial-scale mining farms, developed our own proprietary mining technology, and have more hands-on experience than any other mining company. Today, Genesis Digital Assets is led by 5 founders with a diverse range of experience. 

Our Proven Approach to Building Profitable Bitcoin Mining Farms

Location Scouting

Using our own proprietary formula based on over a dozen factors, we identify locations that provide an ideal environment to build a mining farm. This includes factors such as electricity cost, power source, and availability of local talent.  

Data Center Design

Once a location has been identified, our team goes to work modeling out the most profitable, and cost-efficient layout for the miners. 

Operation Build Out

After we’ve mapped out how the space will be best utilized, the building begins. Over the source of just a few days, our build out team can install thousands of computers and get the entire operation up and running.


Once we begin mining, a proprietary enterprise mining farm management software is deployed to ensure the operation is as profitable as possible. From there, we use our software to manage the farm operations to ensure ultimate efficiency and easy maintenance.