Growing Veggies While Mining Bitcoin

A Greenhouse & Data Center Project

Waste converted into resources

What if the heat generated by cryptocurrency mining was used for growing vegetables?

Bitcoin mining is a growing industry in the Nordics

Cheap, green energy is widely accessible. While computers are using up this energy to mine bitcoin, something else is produced on the side. Something that has been known as just an externality: heat. The main by-product of bitcoin mining is the tremendous amount of heat the computers generate. That is, until now. Soon, this heat won’t just be unintended waste. It will be a valuable resource.

Warmth & Air

The by-product of not-just-bitcoin-mining but any type of data center, is scarce in Northern countries. The missing component. And this precious resource has gone to waste. Well, not anymore!

Imagine being able to grow food in cold climates!

The possibilities are endless. A couple of renowned Swedish institutes and a cryptocurrency mining company joined forces to bring mining and farming together. This Greenhouse – Data center project means there is potential to make nordic communities self-sufficient. How amazing is that?

A project by

Facts & Trivia

The project was initiated by Boden Business Agency to foster synergies between energy intensive industries, especially the IT industry and The Food cluster
The source of heat is an Air-Cooled Data center Container (600 kW) by Genesis Mining.

The first greenhouse is going to be 300m2 and was designed by RISE and Luleå University of Technology. The two entities provided the scientific background for the project.

Just a 1 MW facility in a sub-arctic climate could heat up to a 3 000 m2 greenhouse, or partially heat a 10 000 m2 greenhouse which would increase the local self-sufficiency with 8%.

Besides greenhouse farming, the heat can be used for fish-, insect-, and algae farming as well, and also to dry biomass or fruits and vegetables.

Any type of data center heat can be used, not just that from cryptocurrency mining!

25°C all year around in the Greenhouse – Even during winter with outside temperatures as low as -30°C.

The main goal is to grow food on a large, industrial scale with this technology.

It is not just an energy project, it is also a social one. People outside the labour market get the chance to learn about farming as part of this initiative.

Webinar in 2020

The partners who collaborated on this initiative got together to share what you should know about The Greenhouse Project. They talk about the initial goals, give some background information, and provide a glimpse into the technical details too.

Concept in 2020

The initial visualisations for the planning phase

Build-out 2021

Assembly of one of the containers, followed by its installation in Sweden

Progress 2022

Tour of the in- and outside of our greenhouse

Get to know the team!

Tim Liepold

Genesis Digital Assets

Mattias Vesterlund

RISE – Research Institutes of Sweden

Nils Lindh

Boden Business Agency

Andreas Johansson

Luleå University of Technology