Data Centers

At GDA, we utilize high-efficiency data centers to power our industrial-scale Bitcoin mining operations. Our operations are designed with a focus on scalable infrastructure, low down-time, and use of the most efficient mining hardware on the market, secured through relationships we’ve built with leading equipment manufacturers over the 8+ years.

Selected data centers

Below are profiles on several of our recent facilities.

Pyote, Texas, USA

Total capacity scalable up to 300 MW with sustainable data center infrastructure, high efficiency, and a low carbon footprint

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Carterville, Texas USA

Medium size four-buildings twin project, adding significant hashrate, creating job opportunities and supporting local counties as one of the major taxpayers

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Ringo, Texas, USA

Medium size two-buildings twin-project adding significant hashrate for GDA and at the same time creating job opportunities

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Harris, Noth Carolina, USA

Partnered with Duke Energy on power supply, who has abundant low carbon and nuclear energy in its generation mix and utilizing modular data center pods

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